How to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone without iTunes

There has never been a truly automatic way to transfer one's Outlook contacts to iPhone without having to sync with iTunes – until now. I found an easy enough way to get those Outlook contacts on my computer transferred directly to my iPhone without even having to open Outlook or iTunes on my PC. The trick works with any iOS device like iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Here is how to transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone directly

1. Download the following Windows tool to your computer:

2. Start the tool and connect the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your computer

3. Click on the “Import contacts” button

4. Now select “Outlook (direct import from Outlook)”

5. CopyTrans Contacts will now access the Outlook contacts on your computer. From the newly-appeared window, select the Outlook contacts you wish to transfer to the iPhone and click “Import selected contacts from Outlook”

6. The Outlook contacts are now transferred to iPhone along with all contact details including contact photos.

I found this method of transferring Outlook contacts to iPhone easy and most of all efficient as it took less than 2 minutes from start to finish.

Transfer Outlook contacts to iPhone - YouTube video

This blog post was inspired by the following forum thread: How to transfer iPhone contacts to PC without iTunes.

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